ifted Children's
of the
San Fernando Valley


The Gifted Children's Association of the San Fernando Valley was founded in 1961 by 14 families. All the functions of the organization, except office management and classroom instructors, have been provided through parent volunteers and donations. GCA is the oldest local gifted association in the State of California.

GCA is a non-discriminatory, non-profit organization of volunteers interested in the education of gifted children. GCA is a member of The California Association for the Gifted, National Association for Gifted Children, and Council for Exceptional Children.


Gifted Children's Association Purpose

The Gifted Children's Association actively seeks to:

Assist gifted children to realize their potential through all
educational venues,

Promote and educate parents to better assist them to
understand the special needs of their children,

Extend the participation in GCA to students, parents,
educators, administrators, business people and the
community, and

Increase the affiliation with all programs that assist gifted