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Welcome to Former Members and Friends of
Gifted Children's Association of the San Fernando Valley

GCA Celebrated
Its 50th Birthday
in 2011

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GCA was founded in 1961 by 14 families. It closed its doors in 2012, at the end of its 50th year, having served many hundreds of children and their families.

Even though GCA has now disbanded, former members sometimes ask for a way to contact each other to share memories or to reconnect with the very special former teachers. One way could be to create and moderate a private GCA Facebook group. To do that, we need volunteers. If you would like to help, we can support you.

If you participated in GCA in any capacity, and want to be contacted for any future reunions, send an email with your contact information and when and how you were involved with GCA.

What was GCA?

    For over 50 years GCA was a membership organization of parents and teachers who were committed to providing challenging enrichment and learning activities for their gifted and creative children, in a social setting where they could find peers who shared their unique interests. For more information, please see this brief history and mission.

Letter to our valued GCA families:
Reaching out to GCA's former students and their supporters:
    We want to keep the GCA spirit alive.

    Net Learning Center, a non-profit educational and online hosting center, is looking for people who would like to explore new ways to provide community, and online activities for curious and talented children.

    In 2015 Net Learning Center initiated a project called the Star Thinkers Enrichment Program. This "STEP" project is intended for children whose brains operate in ways that are quick, creative or "out-of-the-box", and who wish to learn and swap ideas with others. STEP needs an energetic new generation of parents and teachers to bring ideas to life.

    If you are - or know - a child who is a "Star Thinker", watch the STEP link, or get on the mailing list.

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